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OSA founder Hollie Simpson has worked for 20 years in clinic treating skin and believes poor skin is due to an array of different factors internal and external. Therefore, skin needs to be approached in a multi-modality way to achieve a result which is life changing for many.

As a skin care professional, she believes beautiful skin is not found at the end of a syringe, and is creating a movement of a syringe free approach to treatment programmes, which is focused on developing outcomes for the consumer.

Knowing the ins and outs of what exactly is causing these issues allows us to become true specialists. Her own thirst for knowledge and the frustration of it not being available in one place has led her down the route of developing it herself.

Our vision is focused on a combination of behavioural change and knowledge and is designed to elevate you into an expert practitioner in the skin industry. We will leverage our knowledge and expertise as a marketing strategy to draw in new clients and create higher average bills, longevity in your business, and therefore significantly increase profit. Meet the Team

The Facts

20 Years experience working in a clinic.

Providing 1000's of clients with transformations.

Results guaranteed within 30 days.

Where it all started?

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