Duration: 30-60 mins a lessons on Zoom.

Course Overview

This course is designed to elevate you into an expert practitioner in the skin industry.

Our lessons are delivered in bite size chunks, 30-60 mins a lesson on zoom. They include case studies and post lesson tasks to sharpen diagnosis and recommendation skills.

Module One-Anatomy and Physiology of the skin This module will give you a true understanding of the skins structure, the skins processes and function of the skin, delivered in a user friendly, easy to remember method.

Module Two- Skin types, Skin Dysfunctions and Skin conditions Building on the knowledge of module one – this is where we look at the ‘other’ side- what is malfunctioning and causing skin issues… This is where my approach gets interesting, as it breaks down the differences between skin types, skin dysfunction, conditions and skin aging. This module is where it will ‘slot’ into place.

Module Three-Business and Mindset – how we use our knowledge to generate more ££££££ In this module we look at how this education can generate higher average bills, and longevity in your business, this is how we can make more money from our education.

Module Four-Ingredients in Skincare In this module, we uncover all the different types of ingredients in the skin industry, and how they interact with the skin, thus understanding each ingredients place within the market.

Module Five-Nutrition for the Skin In this module, it will give you an understanding of how important nutrition is when treating skin issues and how we use nutrition to influence our results.

Module Six -Intrinsic and Extrinsic factors that affect the skin In this module we look at other factors that affect the skin, lifestyle, gut health, digestion, sun, sleep and stress and introduce you to ‘OUR SKIN ACADEMY consultation’

Module Seven – Treatment Methods In this module it will categorise treatment methods to make learning new treatments easy, allowing you to build solid treatment menus and understand sound investments from fads.

At the end of the training, you’ll graduate as an OUR SKIN ACADEMY SKIN PRACTITIONER and receive your badge and certificate.  


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